The Prosek Brothers Brewery

22, San Stefano Str.

In 1881, the Czech brothers Georgi and Bogdan Prošek, set up near the Eagle’s Bridge a deep cellar for cooling and maturing the beer produced in Knyazhevo. A year later, on the site began construction works for a state-of-the-art brewery that would eventually enter into operation in 1884. At the end of the 19th century, its chimney was the only structure projecting above the tiny houses and barbs of the Eagle’s Bridge neighbourhood. Cutting-edge beer brewing equipment was installed, as well as Sofia’s first electrical plant, powering the factory.

  In 1902, was drilled a 100 meter deep artesian well, made available to the residents of Sofia during the bombing raids of the Second World War. Regular technical upgrades, persisting even after the death of the founders contributed to the growing popularity of the Prošek beer, winning it several international awards, as well as the title “Court Contractor”. At the factory opened the “Deep Cellar” beer-house, with 50 tables, 400 chairs and a large garden, which became one of the citizens’ favourite establishments

The bombing raids of 1944 heavily damaged the Prošek Brothers brewery. Restored later, it was nationalized in 1947 under the trademark Vitosha Brewery, and in 1974 was swallowed by the Sofiysko Pivo Brewery. Production at the Prošek Brothers’ facility finally ceased in 1978, and the building was abandoned to crumble, until in 2005 it was demolished and in its place was raised a multifunctional building, a section of which evokes of the architecture of the old brewery.