About us

About us

Established in 1916, today the National Museum of Military History preserves the national identity of Bulgarians as part of the European family.

Here one is introduced to the rich state collections of weaponry, uniforms, decorations, military seals, photographs and experiences the absorbing history of heroism, ideals and love in the Bulgaria’s largest temple to immortality.

The museum staff strives to assert the NMMH as a public hub of traditions, culture and education; as an attractive place for our kids and as a tourist landmark.

The National Museum of Military History preserves over one million cultural valuables – witnesses to Bulgarian and European military history. It is the only museum in the country with three expositions displaying about 28 thousand artifacts.

The thematic-chronological galleries present the important battles of Bulgarian history, the ideas and the giants of the National Liberation Struggle, the 130-year history of the Bulgarian Army – with emphasis on the wars it was involved in. More than 270 cultural treasures in the open air exhibition trace the evolution of the Bulgarian Army’s ordnance.